Frequently Asked Questions

At CanaryVIP, we strive to make your experience smooth and enjoyable. Understanding these policies helps ensure a pleasant and fair experience for all our guests. If you have any further questions or need assistance, our team is always ready to help. Let’s make your Canary Islands adventure a success!

  • Finding the Right Activity: With a vast array of options on our website, CanaryVIP, you can select from thrilling water sports, serene nature tours, cultural explorations, and much more. Dive into each description to find what resonates with your adventure spirit.
  • Booking Process: Once you’ve picked an excursion, choose a date from our live-updated calendar. We understand that every group is unique, so provide us with all the necessary details for a tailor-made experience. If you’re planning last-minute, give us a call or drop a message for the latest availability.
  • Seamless Transactions: After selecting your activity, proceed to our secure checkout. You’ll receive an instant confirmation along with a detailed itinerary, meeting point information, and any special instructions.
  • Understanding Our Policies: Every excursion comes with its own set of guidelines and policies. These can be found on our website, offering clarity on cancellations, rescheduling, and specific requirements.
  • Flexible Payment Choices: At CanaryVIP, we provide various payment options for your convenience. Whether you prefer to pay the full amount upfront or a deposit, we cater to your needs.
  • Security and Variety: Our payment methods range from popular platforms like PayPal and credit cards to localized options, ensuring secure and hassle-free transactions.

Booking Multiple Activities: Yes, you can book multiple excursions through our website. Our platform allows you to add various activities to your cart before proceeding to checkout, making it easy to plan your entire itinerary with CanaryVIP.

Guaranteed Best Prices: We pride ourselves on offering the best value for our services. If you find the same excursion at a lower price elsewhere, not only will we match it, but we’ll also refund the difference. This ensures you get the most out of your investment in your adventure.
Read more about our best guaranteed price policy here.

Weather Contingency Plans: The Canary Islands are known for their favorable weather, but occasionally Mother Nature has other plans. In case of adverse weather conditions, we will inform you in advance and offer alternative dates or activities. If rescheduling isn’t possible, we provide a full refund, ensuring your experience with us is fair and stress-free.

Handling High Demand: Our popular excursions can fill up quickly, especially in peak seasons. We recommend checking availability for last-minute bookings. In rare cases where an activity is overbooked, we offer equally exciting alternatives or a full refund, making sure your holiday plans remain uninterrupted.

Troubleshooting Ticket Issues: Digital tickets are sent to your email or via WhatsApp. If there’s any discrepancy in your ticket, such as date or number of participants, reach out to us immediately. Our team is adept at resolving such issues promptly to ensure your plans remain on track.

Family-Friendly Adventures: Many of our excursions are designed to be family-friendly. We provide clear information on age suitability, safety measures, and any specific guidelines for children. For infants and toddlers, we offer special accommodations to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience for the entire family.

Family and Group Bookings: We love hosting families and groups! Special arrangements can be made to accommodate larger parties or to ensure that family-friendly activities are suitable for children of all ages. Contact us for an exclusive family/group discount!

Commitment to Sustainability: We are deeply committed to preserving the natural beauty of the Canary Islands. Our excursions are designed to minimize environmental impact, promoting practices like waste reduction, respect for wildlife, and support for local communities. We encourage our guests to join us in these efforts.

Accommodating Special Requests: We strive to meet all our guests’ needs. If you have special requests, such as dietary restrictions, accessibility needs, or anything else, please inform us at the time of booking. We’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Using Promo Codes: If you have a promotional or discount code, simply enter it at the checkout page. Our system will automatically adjust your total, reflecting the discount. It’s a straightforward process, but if you encounter any issues, our customer service team is on hand to assist.

Cancellation Process: If your plans change and you need to cancel, refer to the specific cancellation policy of your booked activity. We offer straightforward cancellation processes, often allowing for full refunds if canceled within the stipulated timeframe.

Last-Minute Changes: For cancellations close to the date of the excursion, please contact us immediately. We’ll guide you through the options available based on the activity’s specific terms.

  • Punctuality Matters: Time is of the essence, particularly for excursions involving transport. Our vehicles stick to a precise schedule to ensure a smooth experience for everyone.

  • Missed Transport Policy: In the unfortunate event that you miss your scheduled transport, we’re unable to offer refunds. This policy is in respect of other guests’ time and experience. Being late affects not just your plans but also impacts the collective experience of the group.

  • Role of Deposits: Deposits are collected to confirm and secure your booking, and they reflect your commitment to the activity. If you don’t show up, the deposit compensates for the reserved space that could have been enjoyed by someone else. Specific activities might have additional no-show fees, outlined clearly in their individual policies.

  • Complexities in No-Show Refunds: Refunds for no-shows are a complicated affair as the funds are typically allocated to our partners who provide the activities. They incur a loss when a guest doesn’t attend, making reimbursement a complex issue.

  • Immediate Communication is Key: Should you miss your bus or start of the excursion, contact us without delay. Our capacity to assist will depend on the specific excursion’s nature and the partner’s policy. Some activities offer more leeway in terms of rescheduling, but others, especially those with limited availability or high demand, may have more stringent rules.

  • Stay Connected with Us: We emphasize the importance of keeping in touch. If you’re running behind or face unexpected delays, let us know immediately. Our goal is to collaboratively find the best solution, ensuring minimal disruption to your plans and maximum enjoyment of your Canary Islands experience.

Handling Delays: If you’re running late, contact us immediately. We’ll communicate with the excursion provider to see what can be done. However, please note that delays may result in missed opportunities, especially if transportation is involved.

  • Discovering Your Ideal Adventure: Browse through our diverse offerings, from serene nature walks to adrenaline-pumping water sports. Each excursion page provides detailed descriptions, including intensity levels and any prerequisites, to help you make an informed choice.
  • Expert Recommendations: Unsure where to start? Our expert team can recommend excursions based on your interests and experience. Feel free to contact us for personalized suggestions!

Transportation Details: Many of our excursions include transportation options from central locations. Check the specifics on the excursion page or contact us for more information about pickup and drop-off services.

Preparation Tips: We recommend wearing comfortable clothing suitable for the activity. For hiking, sturdy shoes are a must; for water activities, swimwear and sunscreen are essential. Specific recommendations for each excursion are provided on our website.

Getting in Touch: We’re available for you via multiple channels – live chat, Whatsapp, email, and phone. Our customer support team is known for its prompt and friendly service, ensuring your queries are addressed swiftly.

Booking Information: Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive an email with all the necessary details. You can also access your booking information through our website by logging into your account.

The CanaryVIP Edge: What sets us apart is our local expertise, personalized service, and an extensive range of carefully curated experiences. Our team’s deep knowledge of the Canary Islands translates into unique and authentic adventures for our guests.

Global Guests Welcome: Absolutely! Our excursions are designed to cater to both local and international visitors. We provide information in multiple languages and our team can assist in English, Spanish, and other languages to ensure a seamless experience for guests from around the world.

  • Local Expertise: At CanaryVIP, our team comprises individuals who have grown up in the Canary Islands. Our lifelong residency here has equipped us with an intimate knowledge of every corner of these enchanting islands.
  • Insider Tips: Leveraging our deep-rooted local understanding, we offer exclusive insider tips that go beyond the typical tourist trails. From hidden beaches and secret hiking paths to lesser-known local eateries and cultural hotspots, we share our personal favorite spots with you.
  • Cultural Insights: As locals, we provide insights into the unique cultural nuances, traditions, and festivals of the Canary Islands, offering you a chance to experience the islands as a true insider.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Based on your interests, we can tailor recommendations to suit your tastes, whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, culinary delights, or cultural immersion. Our tips are not just suggestions; they are a collection of cherished personal experiences and beloved local secrets.