Horse Riding Tenerife

🔍 Horse Riding Tenerife:
👥 Up to 6 Horse-Riders per Group.
🚀 Options for 1h & 2h Rides.
🏞️ Ride on Beaches and Trails.
🕙 Morning & Afternoon.
📅 Tours Available Daily.
🥇 Private Trips Available.
🤑 Best Price Guaranteed.
👪 Family & Group Discounts.
🔁 48h Cancellation Policy.
🌍 English & Spanish Guides.
🌟 Book Early & Save.
📍 Departure from Guargacho.

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🐎 Horse Riding Tenerife – Gallop Into the Sunset

Explore the stunning landscapes of Tenerife on horseback with our exclusive Horse Riding Tenerife tours. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or a beginner, our adventures offer a unique way to experience the island’s diverse environments, from volcanic trails to sandy shores. Engage with the tranquility of nature and revitalize your spirit with every trot and gallop in our horse riding adventures.

⏱️ Prepare for Adventure with Horse Riding in Tenerife

  • Adventure: Start your journey at the renowned Centro Hípico Xanadu in Las Galletas, and set off on an excursion that combines the beauty of Tenerife’s landscapes with the thrill of horseback riding.
  • Features: Our horses are groomed using the finest English equestrian standards, and with top-notch trainers, we ensure a ride that’s both enjoyable and safe.
  • Extra Attractions: Enhance your visit to Centro Hípico Xanadu by booking a seat at Gladiux Tenerife Show. Held every other week, this enchanting evening event showcases the artistry of horseback riding beneath the stars. Secure your tickets through our website to add this magical experience to your horse riding adventure.

🌊 Experience Coastal Rides during Your Horseback Tour in Tenerife

  • Experience: Embark on a two-hour coastal ride to enjoy breathtaking sunset views over the ocean, a perfect blend of romance and adventure.
  • Highlights: Ride through exotic banana plantations and reach secluded beaches where the calm waves might just tempt you to dip your toes in the water along with your equine companion.
  • Convenience: Opt for our convenient pickup service from your accommodation to start your adventure effortlessly.

🌟 Key Information for Your Tenerife Horse Riding Experience

  • Safety Assurance: Your safety is paramount. We provide full safety gear and comprehensive riding instructions before each tour.
  • Multilingual Guides: Enjoy the company of our friendly guides who speak both English and Spanish, making your ride educational and fun.
  • Expert Instruction: Get tips on riding techniques suitable for all skill levels, ensuring a comfortable and confident riding experience.

📅 Book Your Horse Riding Adventure in Tenerife Today

Join us at CanaryVIP to discover Tenerife in the most enchanting way possible. Our carefully designed tours are perfect for making lasting memories while exploring the island’s picturesque landscapes. Reserve your spot early and secure a magical experience on horseback.

What’s Included in Your Tenerife Horse Riding Tour?

  • Choose between public and private tours to suit your preference. Private tours offer a more personalized experience.
  • Enjoy tours ranging from 1 to 2 hours, with options to ride along scenic beaches or through lush plantations.
  • Essential riding gear and lockers for your belongings are provided for convenience and comfort.

⚖️ Booking and Flexible Cancellation Policy:

  • Plan Ahead: Book your horseback riding adventure in advance to guarantee your spot. We offer special discounts for early bookings.
  • Flexible Cancellations: Cancel up to 24 hours before your tour for a full refund, providing peace of mind in your travel plans.
  • Requirements: Riders should be comfortable with basic horseback riding and able to handle mild physical activity.

🎒 Tips for Your Horse Riding Trip:

  • What to Bring: Dress appropriately in comfortable clothing and sturdy shoes. Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat for daytime tours.
  • Photo Opportunities: Bring a camera to capture the stunning scenery of Tenerife — riding alongside the ocean or through unique landscapes provides perfect photo ops.
  • Health and Safety: We advise riders to be in good physical condition to enjoy the tour fully, especially when opting for longer rides.

FAQs: All You Need to Know

About Horse Riding in Tenerife

  • No Experience Needed: Don’t worry if you’ve never ridden before; our expert guides will ensure you have all the instructions you need.
  • Wear Comfortable Gear: While a swimsuit isn’t necessary, wearing long pants can help avoid saddle sores. Safety helmets are provided.
  • Age and Weight Limits: Our tours are suitable for guests aged 10 and above. Please check with us if you have any concerns about weight restrictions.

🌞 Ready to Ride?

Discover the thrill of horse riding in Tenerife with CanaryVIP. Whether it’s crossing sandy shores or exploring rustic trails, your journey with us will be unforgettable. Book now and step into a world of adventure that combines natural beauty with exhilarating excitement!


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